Using the WholeHeart Wellness Model

The WholeHeart Wellness Model is an expression of our wholehearted desire to see individuals and organizations find their right alignment, knowing that the exact look and feel of that alignment will differ for each person or group. 

The model offers a tool to help discover, explore, deepen, reflect, and buoy your own wellness wisdom by channeling the six areas of wellness we feel most completely capture true wellness in everyday life experience. The six chambers of the nautilus image are labeled by differing yet interconnected areas of wellness: Grace, Emotional, Intellectual, Physical, Social, and Cultural. 

These six categories may not be surprising given the many wisdom traditions that have used similar categories for expressing the full human potential. Other traditions have used the language of the chambers as layers, bodies, chakras, intelligences and more. 

So, how do you use the model?

The model is made to be used in an infinite number of ways. We facilitate a guided navigation of the model in our workshops and events but the model is also a practical tool for self-reflection and inner wisdom generation.

One way to use the model is to first get quiet and meditate on your present moment awareness then ask yourself what needs my attention now? Allow your eyes to land on each chamber one by one giving a brief pause at each station to feel the imprint of that category. Notice if any particular category tugs at you. Once you have selected a chamber, set a timer for a number of minutes and free write all the words you associate with that category. For example, if the chamber you selected is Physical, free write all the words you associate with the word Physical without picking up your pen (we call that "hot pencil"); You might come up with words like movement, body, food, nourishment, physical education, sports, dance, boundaries, space, home, etc. When your timer ends, review your list of words and notice again what images, memories, or thoughts come to you. You may want to take some time to journal about your noticings.

Set an intention about how you would like to tangibly tend to this aspect of your wellness in the coming weeks. In the future, come back to the model and explore how the chamber has changed for you.  

There is no wrong way to use the nautilus and we hope you feel inspired to dive deeply into the process. We would love to hear how you use the model - please write to us with your feedback and comments!