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Holly Wilkinson, Executive Director & Facilitator

Holly brings a background in small business and non-profit organizations, including the Women's Small Business Program and the UVM Career Center. Her professional experience has focused on community development, entrepreneurship, youth leadership, workforce & career/life development and expressive arts. She is a Courage & Renewal and SoulCollage facilitator and has a Bachelor’s in Area & International Studies and a Master’s in Education from UVM.  In her free time, Holly writes poetry, works with imagery, and spends as much time as possible outdoors to keep life in perspective. 
Contact Holly at holly@wholeheartinc.org


Nathaniel Millarhouse, operations Director

Nate comes from a background in business and nonprofit operations, project management, communications, community building, customer service, program development and fundraising. Nate earned his BA from Hamilton College and is pursuing his Master’s in Leadership for Sustainability at UVM. He is excited to be serving as a member of the WholeHeart team where he gets to pursue his lifelong commitment to deepening connections between people and place and creating the conditions for wellbeing. In his free time, Nate enjoys connecting and learning with family, friends and the Outside World. Connect at nate@wholeheartinc.org

Facilitator Team

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Marissa Barbieri

Marissa Barbieri is a lifelong Vermont resident who has dedicated her professional life to fostering the conditions for a more just, equitable society in her home state and beyond. Her practice is rooted in the knowledge that communities small and large can thrive when the strengths, skills, and perspectives contained within them are known, appreciated, and called upon. Currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Leadership for Sustainability, Marissa is a strategic thinker with a passion for facilitating conversations that spark connection and help disrupt, heal from, and reimagine systems of oppression, especially as they impact young people. A great lover of books, sender of mail, and collector of houseplants, Marissa’s greatest joy comes from regular exposure to live music.



Tara is a community organizer with a passion for building trust in relationships and organizations. She is a graduate of Haverford College and an alumnae of the Vermont Leadership Institute. She is co-founder of WholeHeart, Inc. and a Courage & Renewal Facilitator.  Tara's expertise includes working with young leaders and activists, school communities, teams and philanthropists to create new approaches to solving complex problems.  She lives in Greensboro, Vermont, with a seven-year old teacher and  spiritual guru named Nadia, who also happens to be her daughter.  


Carol Egan

Carol lives in the Northwest corner of Vermont, on the Champlain Islands.  She became a Courage & Renewal facilitator in 2007. This work has been shaped by 25 years in education serving isolated, underserved and marginalized children and families in Vermont. Carol is drawn to lessons from nature, silence and the gifts of listening and speaking. She works to bring wholeness and integrity to education and to the relationships that are formed in the school community.