Living wholeheartedly requires daily attentiveness and practice.  Checking in with your heart is a way to deepen your commitment to your life, work, and purpose.  

The WholeHeart Wellness Model offers a way of addressing wellness in your life personally as well as wellness in your organization, your work-team, your family & community.

Each of the six chambers of the nautilus represent a different aspect of wellness. Here is a way to think of the chambers.  How might you personally describe what they mean to you? 

  • Cultural: the wide world and fabric that weaves us together

  • Social: our relations and connections, personal and in the web of community

  • Physical: our bodies and the body and beings of the earth

  • Intellectual: our minds, thoughts, intellect

  • Emotional: the flow of feelings and intuition

  • Grace: mystery -that which is beyond words

  • Don't forget the heart center! Our inner wisdom & knowing, our spark!

The beauty of the model is that its flexibly lends itself to the specific exploration you desire at any given time. The journey of wellness travels in both directions inward from externalities to inner wisdom and back out into the world. Consider focusing on a single chamber that needs attention. What commitment might you make to practice and to attend to wellness on a regular basis? Use the model personally, join us in a future Program to explore the model, or contact us to work with your team or community.  

The model is intended for personal use only. If you would like to use this handout with a group please contact us first at


What practices help you buoy your wellness?  

In which areas are you drawn to dive a little deeper?  

How do you float, swim, or ride the waves of personal, professonal and organizational whole-system wellness?  


" what we practice we become..."

Krista Tippet