Ripple Effect Mapping

Since its inception, WholeHeart has been challenged to define the word ‘love’ in a world where fear is a powerful force.  What is the impact of WholeHeart’s work?  Why does it matter?

On December 11, 2018, on WholeHeart’s 5th Birthday, a group of 15 retreat and workshop participants, staff, and board members gathered in WholeHeart’s home in Richmond, Vermont to experiment with a technology called Ripple Effect Mapping (REM).  REM is a process based on Appreciative Inquiry, and gathers individual stories into a collective diagram.

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The power of WholeHeart’s impact was illuminated as stories were offered:

“I’ve had experiences in the last year and a half around race and racism, feeling the very explicit conflict, pain and vulnerability of students. As a staff person, a white person, it has given me the opportunity to think, reflect, and dive deeper into love around that.”

“I’m finding my voice. I’m coming into my body in a new way. Finding a confidence in all of that, embodying it and giving that back to the whole world.”

Ripples of Influence

As individuals voiced how they showed up differently in their work-places, communities, and homes because of WholeHeart’s influence, themes began to emerge:  Healthy Boundaries---Listening as a Leadership Skill--Leadership Redefined--Power of Vulnerability--Courage to be Authentic--Embracing Discomfort and Uncertainty--Finding My Voice--Curiosity as a Way of Knowing--A Sense of Place--Landscapes--Fierce Love.  

Ripple Effect Map: December 11, 2018

Ripple Effect Map: December 11, 2018

Personal, organizational, and institutional ripples of impact were revealed.  

There wasn’t enough time to capture all that wanted to be expressed that evening, and yet it was a start.  We warmly welcome you to weave your stories into WholeHeart's ripple effect map too.  This beautiful map will help us to chart our course towards WholeHeart’s next milestone birthday.

With gratitude to all those who graciously gave their time, talent, and treasure— to help get this map started.

See below for an additional ripple from the December 11th evening written by participant, Jason Vanderlaan, depicting the impact of WholeHeart’s work through poetry:

Written December 11, 2018 at WholeHeart’s Ripple Effect Mapping gathering.

Written December 11, 2018 at WholeHeart’s Ripple Effect Mapping gathering.