Inspiration and Activism

This month, we are delighted to lift up a leadership story* that inspires us and makes us want to stand up with clarity and conviction for causes that call for our unique voices and wholehearted activism.

Youth Climate Strike: On Friday, March 15, tens of thousands of students in 112 countries around the world left school and marched through their communities to demand decisive and immediate action by governments to confront the climate crisis.

Fall 2018 Intergenerational Leadership Exchange

Fall 2018 Intergenerational Leadership Exchange

Kai Gilbert, a participant of WholeHeart’s Intergenerational Leadership Exchange, helped organize the climate march at Hazen Union High School, in Hardwick, VT. Kai shared the following about the climate strike experience:

"We had a good turnout for our small community. A lot of kids from different social groups participated, our signs were amazing, and the atmosphere was very respectful. I'm really proud of everyone who walked out - it can be hard to get behind issues that don't directly affect you - your fruit isn't rotting from the inside on your farm, your town isn't being flooded - but a lot of kids were able to get past their privilege and join in to stand up for something beyond their protected, safe experience."

Kai described the impact of the climate change event, saying, "The march made people feel more confident to speak about climate change, to be more outspoken and passionate. It opened possibilities about what we can do to improve school and engage in more environmentally sustainable practices. We are now working on flying the world flag as a symbol of Hazen's dedication to stopping climate change and cutting emissions.  Next year we hope to organize one day per quarter dedicated to climate activities in the community - planting, energy audits, art, presentations, etc. that will educate people about the need for action."

Kai offered that the Exchange last fall encouraged and inspired both activism and leadership, and was a place where people are free to learn at their own pace and feel safe; where you can talk to amazing people of all ages and have them really listen.

WholeHeart’s next Intergenerational Leadership Exchange on April 27th in Greensboro, VT click HERE to learn more and register today.

***Excerpts reprinted with permission from “OSSU-We See You!” a publication of The Center for an Agricultural Economy (Issue #27-Late March 2019)***