Voicing Courage

On the cusp of fall, circles of community gathered at the Richmond Free Library in Richmond Vermont for a WholeHeart fund-raiser concert and day long retreat. Sara Thomsen and Paula Pederson, from the Lake Superior Region, invited reflection and inspiration through song, voice, and naming what we stand for.

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Somewhere to Begin, by TR Ritchie was a thread throughout the day and evening, inviting us to search speak for and speak what we believe in and address the things that must be done.

Here is the final verse that follows verses of song & dream - and turns to love:



“People say to me, “Oh, you gotta be crazy, how can you love in times like these?

Don’t you read the news? Don’t you know the score?

How can you love when so many others grieve?”

People say to me, “What kind of fool believes that love will make a difference in the end?”

By way of a reply, I say a fool such as I who sees love as somewhere to begin.

Love is somewhere to begin. The search for something worth believing in

If changes are to come there are things that must be done And love is somewhere to begin.”

One participant was surprised by how much reflective work can be accomplised in a day. Another appreciated leaving with a new sense of direction and everyone gained a spark of inspiration to align their hearts with action this fall. Concert goers were delighted by Sara and Paulas voices and vision, as well as the energy of this dynamic duo. Everyone gained a sense of the work of WholeHeart and enjoyed time together in community and conversation.



Savoring Summer.

Savoring Summer.

Special thanks to the supporters who made these events a success: City Market for delicious and nourshing lunches; The Richmond Free Library for the beautiful setting; Paula and Sara for making the trip east in support of WholeHeart; and Kevin Cross for sound logistics. And gratitude to everyone gathered to listen and to re-ignite their voices. Together we can love up the world.

Inspiration in community.

Inspiration in community.

As Leonard Cohan states in the song, Anthem, that we sang together:

“Ring the bells that still can ring

Forget your perfect offering

There is a crack, a crack, in everything

That’s how the light gets in.”

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