Transformational Exchanges

Each day is a series of exchanges - as the dawn enters the window, animals ask to be fed, messages arrive in your inbox and greetings happen as you step into your day - with family, in community, with people ahead of you in the check out line or simply pass by...


There are named relationships - co-workers, care-givers, teachers, public officials - as well as random relationships as we come together by chance.  The quality of the exchange, interaction or shared story create the fabric of our lives.   

This spring, WholeHeart offered two day-long Intergenerational Leadership Exchanges to strengthen relational trust relationships.  In Greensboro in April, we explored moving from transactional to transformational interactions to weave a strong fabric in our communities and lives. In Vergennes, as we launched a new partnership with Treleven, to explore the flow of leading our lives in ways that nourish and tend. 


"As we start to really get to know others, as we begin to listen to each other's stories, things begin to change.  We begin the movement from exclusion to inclusion, from fear to trust, from closeness to openness, from judgement and prejudice to forgiveness and understanding.  It is a movement of the heart."  ~Jean Vanier

Wherever you are, we invite you into this practice of Exchange - being intentional about the way we exchange greetings and connections as a daily practice. 

2018 - Spring - WholeHeart_09.jpg
  • What are the qualities you admire in others that you might embody through daily interactions?
  • How might you all dive beneath "how-are-you-pleasantries" to a deeper layer of exchange to build stronger connection?

May these images from the recent Exchange in Greensboro spark encouragement to practice meaningful exchange - today! Not sure how?  Listening is a way to begin.  

Here are a few reflections from the Greensboro Exchange on April 29th:

"The Intergenerational Leadership Exchange is an nourishing and inspirational time of sharing with a variety of human beings, consciously, lovingly and without judgement."

"It is a place to collect the molecules that are buidling the layers of my leadership."

"This is an opportunity to connect with people of different generations, and also different   backgrounds and experiences, to listen, learn and grow."

And reflections from the Vergennes Exchange on May 19th:

"The Exchange is an opportunity to engage with the land, other leaders, and reflect on best practices for life and leadership."

"A day to get out of your day-to-day, into a quiet reflective space with others looking to do the same.  Such a magical, beautiful spot to be reflective."

"A gathering of people interested in connecting deeply and learning about themselves and learning from others."