Speak Your Truth: Living Courage

Living with intention, integrity and courage takes practice.  This month's invitation focuses on speaking your truth.  May it support your core foundation to live with heart and action.    

February's Touchstone: Speak your truth in ways that respect other people’s truth. Speak from your center, using “i” statements, trusting people to do their own sifting and winnowing.  


We are all on a Journey Together

We are all on a journey together . . .

To the center of the universe . . .

Look deep

Into yourself, into another.

It is to the center which is everywhere

That is the holy journey . . .

First you need only look:

Notice and honor the radiance of

Everything about you . . .

Play in this universe. Tend

All these shining things around you:

The smallest plant, the creatures and

objects in your care.

Be gentle and nurture. Listen . . .

As we experience and accept

All that we really are . . .

We grow in care.

We begin to embrace others

As ourselves, and learn to live

As one among many . . .

~ by Anne Hillman


  • What is alive in your center that wants to be expressed?  
  • What are the shining things around you inviting your care and attention?
  • How might you expand your listening to others and speaking your truth today?