New Year Blessing

WholeHeart Board President, Trish Alley, offers her poetry and well wishes as she dives deeply into a three month leave of absence to focus on her writing.  


New Year Blessing for WholeHeart

May you shine with the brilliance of the full moon

and bring light into the cold darkness.

May you always reflect beauty and warmth—

remind us how often that comes from the other side.


May you have inner and outer resources

to hold sacred space, to practice and integrate Love.

May you be a blessing to all you touch

and be blessed in the blessing.


May you be buoyant and strong

Flourish in deep dives and rise to any occasion.

May you be whole and healthy.

May you sing with your whole heart.

May you Be Love.


Patricia Passmore Alley

WholeHeart President and Spark of Divine Mischief

Greensboro, Vermont

“I will be taking a three month leave of absence from the daily operations of WholeHeart, Inc.  Holly and Tara will continue to hold the organization with grace.  I am taking the WholeHeart Wellness Model with me as the nautilus is the perfect traveling companion. The chambers will help bring buoyancy as I dive into writing:

  • Grace Chamber: My guide!

  • Emotional Chamber: Find someone or something to make me laugh every day.

  • Intellectual Chamber: Spell check and publishing decisions.

  • Physical Chamber: Get back on my feet and dance!

  • Social Chamber: Have at LEAST one play date a week.  

  • Cultural Chamber: Learn to change with Grace.

Well wishes as you listen to what calls the attention of your heart.  Trish