A Taste of Courage Dinner

In celebration of gifts and gratitudes of the land, the community and the abudance of harvest, 40 people gathered at Jubilee Farm in Huntington for a night of nourishing food and conversation. This Friend & Fundraiser, A Taste of Courage, was inspired by and in support of WholeHeart's work to convene circles of authenticity, courage and wholeheartedness - in retreats, for work teams and in communities. .  Running Stone Bakery and Krin's Bakery and local farmers provided the feast and everyone who came shared a part of themselves to make the circle whole.    We shared poems and prompts, generous listening and table conversations - stories of generosity, astonishment and connections.  In the beauty of the barn, surrounded by sawdust, sweet night air and budding friendships, we listened and collected words that resonated on butcher block paper as we ate together.  From these exchanges and those little bits of writing, a community poem was created.  

It is offered here as a reminder of the importance to gather, eat and pay attention to our circles of community that are hungry for deep connection.  Who might you invite around your table?  With whom might you share stories that long to be told?  May this small poem be an invitation to gather together, listen deeply, share from your heart & be surprised by what can emerge.  

You are warmly welcome to join in WholeHeart's upcoming circles: Intergenerational Leadership Exchanges and Courage & Renewal Circles of Trust.  See our Events page for details.

With gratitude to the many hands that made this event possible and to forty people who responded to the open invitation to co-cereate a memorable evening of heart and sustanance. And immense gratitude to Adam Wilson for his many gifts that went into the amazing food, smooth flow, gracious welcome and attentiveness to details.

Community Astonishment

Breathing - paying attention -

People are astonishing.

Generosity is love

Fear is scarcity.

So you give, so shall you receive

The act of receiving can be an act of generosity.


We hide so much of who we are even from ourselves.

Practice letting go of control of being self-sufficient.

It is a gift, that feeling.

Living, just living, is a creative act.

It is much easier to be in a place of giving

When you are in a place of peace.

As easy as breathing,

Loving myself.


The ideal of community -  

Feeling supported

Someone sharing you their trust

Discerning what’s mine and what isn’t.


I’m paying attention to the nature around me.

Rooted and strong elements can work me as they choose

Astonishment at the nourishment that comes from the earth.


Human body is a work of Art. The miracle of body

When we do what we love, we are at our most beautiful.

Joy in our heart can radiate through our body.


Sunk into love

See it as a gift of generosity

Turn from fear to love for myself….

Open ourselves up and feel vulnerable and safe.


A paradox of astonishment -

A herd of elk and two million adult males incarcerated.

Give voice to the voiceless - love this!

You never know the teacher, the musician,

How people might be touched.



I would be a mobile blowing in the wind

I would be a dance in the wind

I would be a firefly.

And you?            



A Taste of Courage Collective Poem

Created with words shared, heard and generously offered at the WholeHeart Community Dinner Sept. 10, 2017