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How Do We Live With Integrity? How Do We Stay Engaged Long After A Retreat? 


We invite you to come together once a month for a facilitated virtual circle - via zoom. In-person connections are a delight, yet after a closing circle, we still need companions on the journey, seeing and encouraging our wholehearted courage in the day-to-day. Come join us once a month for six months for Living Courage Calls.

March 2019--August 2019

Each call will be based on Circle of Trust practices and principles such as Open and Honest Questions, inviting us to embody the skills developed during retreats.  We will be using the Courage Touchstones and nautilus imagery to dive into the depths of our inner knowing and to find our buoyancy in the midst of the chaos of life.  Practice bringing Courage into your daily life with the companionship of community.   

Once the registration fills we will find times that are convenient for everyone.  There will be two separate peer call groups - one facilitated by Holly Wilkinson and the other by Tara Reynolds - to ensure that all who wish to attend may have an opportunity to do so.