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The Spring Equinox is a balance point between light and dark, day and night. 

Come join us at this pivotal time to find your own balance point as winter releases into the promise of spring. The world is calling for our courage to bring our whole selves and hearts into our communities and lives. Pause and align through deep listening, sharing, and creating intentions of integrity in this Circle of Trust© retreat. Together we will explore the tensions of transitions: the wobbles of the unknown and the strength of inner knowing.  As Lake Champlain cracks open, come join us on the cusp of spring to shore up your own courage for the season and work ahead.

A Circle of Trust Retreat®

A Circle of Trust is an offering of the Center for Courage & Renewal, based on the work of Parker Palmer, a remarkable teacher and author (A Hidden WholenessLet Your Life Speak, The Courage to Teach).  This retreat is facilitated by two nationally trained C&R facilitators, committed to the intention of reconnecting who we are with what we do.

The retreat will provide:

  • Space to nurture personal and professional integrity and the courage to act on it

  • Seasonal reflections to tap into your inner wisdom in the fertile darkness of winter

  • Opportunities to develop receptive listening practices to expand your inner capacity to lead a more authentic, meaningful & engaged life

  • Whole group, small group, and individual time to build connection with ourselves & others.

  • Practices to explore soul & role in light of our professional and personal lives

  • An opportunity to bring life questions to a Quaker style Clearness Committee

Facilitated by Tara Reynolds & Holly Wilkinson

Tara: Program and Development Director of WholeHeart, Tara is a graduate of the Vermont Leadership Institute and a Courage & Renewal facilitator. She is a community organizer with a passion for building trust in relationships and organizations.  Tara finds joy in the wisdom of children, the beauty of the natural world, and the power of a good open and honest question. 

HollyExecutive Director of WholeHeart, Holly brings a love of imagery and expression to create safe space for community circles. She is a certified facilitator of Courage & Renewal and SoulCollage® and brings integrity, courage & gentle attention to her work and life. Taking time for creativity and the natural world are practices that offer Holly balance and perspective.